Do New Cars Have CD Players?

In this modern age of technology, new advancements are constantly being made to enhance our driving experience. The automotive industry has certainly come a long way, from built-in navigation systems to intelligent car features. One question often arises among music enthusiasts: Do New Cars Have CD Players? With the rise of streaming services and digital downloads, it’s natural to wonder if this once ubiquitous feature has been phased out in favor of more high-tech alternatives.

Do New Cars Have CD Players?

Do New Cars Have CD Players?

One might wonder if new cars still come equipped with CD players. Gone are the days of carrying a stack of CDs in your car’s glove compartment or dashboard organizer. It turns out that not all hope is lost for those who still treasure their CD collection. While newer models prioritize advanced audio technologies, such as USB ports and wireless capabilities, many car manufacturers understand that some drivers prefer the old-fashioned method of playing CDs.

Several leading automakers continue to include CD players in their newest models, recognizing that car owners still demand this traditional format. Luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz often offer optional upgrades with high-quality sound systems that include built-in CD players.

When Did CD Players Stop Being Put In Cars?

The CD player was a car staple feature for many years, allowing drivers to enjoy their favorite music while on the road. It is estimated that 2011-2012 marked the beginning of this transition.

The reason behind this shift was the increasing popularity of smartphones and portable music devices. With consumers having easy access to vast digital music libraries through streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, there was less demand for physical CDs. Car manufacturers recognized this change in consumer behavior and adapted their designs to accommodate these new technological preferences.

Why Automakers Still Use CD Players

There are several reasons why these outdated devices have managed to hold on in the automotive industry. 

  • Many drivers still have a substantial collection of CDs they enjoy listening to during long drives or when exploring areas with poor internet connectivity. 
  • The CD player provides a convenient option for accessing their favorite music without relying on data or Wi-Fi.
  • Some drivers prefer the audio quality of CDs compared to compressed digital formats like MP3s or streaming services.
  •  CDs provide a higher sound resolution and accurately replicate the artist’s original intentions. This is especially important for audiophiles who value the intricacies of sound and want to experience music at its fullest potential.

What 2023 Cars Still Have CD Players?

Any cars in 2023 still come equipped with CD players. While streaming services and digital downloads have taken over the market, a few automakers still recognize the enduring appeal of CDs.

Do New Cars Have CD Players?

One car brand is Honda, as they continue to offer CD players in some of their models. The Honda Accord has a standard CD player, even in its latest 2023 edition. This means that drivers can enjoy their albums or audiobooks without relying on Bluetooth connectivity or internet access during their commutes. Honda understands the importance of catering to different consumer preferences regarding audio entertainment.

Can a CD Player be Added to a Newer Car?

Do cars still come with cd players? In today’s digital age, where streaming services and Bluetooth connectivity dominate the world of in-car entertainment, the question arises: do new vehicles have cd players? And Can a CD Player be Added to a Newer Car?  Many modern vehicles ditch CD players for sleek touchscreens and USB ports. There are options available for those who still cherish their extensive CD collection or prefer the superior audio quality of CDs.

Purchase an external CD player that connects to your car’s audio system through Bluetooth or auxiliary cables. These portable devices are compact and easy to use, allowing you to enjoy your favorite CDs on the go. And have a custom installation done by professionals. They can integrate a CD player into your existing infotainment system or replace it with one that includes a built-in CD player.

How to Play CDs in Newer Cars Without CD Player

Do New Cars Have CD Players?

If you can’t let go of your CDs, then the good news is that there are a few options for you to listen to your CDs in a newer car.

Portable CD Player With AUX 

A portable CD player with an AUX port lets you connect your device directly to your car’s audio system, bypassing the need for a built-in CD player. To get started, ensure your vehicle has an available AUX input jack – most newer models do. Plug one end of the auxiliary cable into your portable CD player and the other into your car’s AUX input jack. Once connected, adjust both devices’ volume levels and press play on your portable CD player – voila!

Portable CD Player With USB Input

This innovative device lets you enjoy your CD collection using USB input while connecting to other devices. This versatile device offers endless possibilities, whether plugging in your smartphone or tablet to play MP3 files or connecting your laptop to use the CD player as an external drive.

With the USB input feature, you can quickly transfer songs from your computer onto a USB drive and then plug them into the CD player for instant playback.

Portable CD Players With Bluetooth

There is a solution: portable CD players with Bluetooth capabilities. These innovative devices allow you to play your beloved CDs wirelessly through your car’s audio system.

Invest in a portable CD player with Bluetooth to play CDs in your newer car without a built-in CD player. There are numerous options today, from sleek and compact designs to more feature-rich models with LCD screens and multiple playback options.


Do New Cars Have CD Players? CD players were once a standard feature in new cars, but their presence has significantly declined in recent years. With the rise of digital music formats and streaming services, manufacturers have shifted their focus towards integrating Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports into vehicles to cater to the changing preferences of consumers. It is important to note that some car models still offer CD players as an optional feature or as part of higher trim levels. Whether a new car has a CD player depends on the specific make and model. If having a CD player is a priority for you, checking the specifications and options of different vehicles before making a purchase is recommended.


Will a built-in CD player affect the price of a new car?

The presence or absence of a built-in CD player typically only significantly impacts the overall price of a new car.

Can I install an aftermarket CD player in my new car if it doesn’t have one?

In most cases, it is possible to have an aftermarket CD player installed in your new car by professional technicians.

Why are some automakers phasing out CD players in their vehicles?

Automakers are removing CD players due to declining popularity and advancements in digital audio technologies.

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